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Get help with your electric blanket

Frequently asked questions  — electric double blanket


Q1 Can it be on all night?

Yes, at low heat, but I never do this though. I switch mine on a few minutes before bed (at high heat) and switch it off as soon as I get into bed.

Q2 How long is the power cable?

2 meters and 10 centimeters.

Q3 How much does this cost to heat up?

A few pence per night. Hard to work out / prove exactly how much. You are not going to notice an increase in energy bills.

Q4 What side is the controller?

If you are standing at the foot of the bed looking at the head, it’s left side. If you turn the blanket around, then right side.

Q5 What side is the plug located on as you stand at the foot of the bed?

The plug will be on the left-hand side. The connector will also be at the left-hand side. If you turn it around, you can use the plug socket on the left-hand side of the headboard / head of the bed.

Q6 I have a mattress protector. Does this go under or over it?

I use a mattress protector too, have put my electric blanket over the mattress protector, and then bed sheets over the electric blanket.

Q7 Is this big enough for a double bed?

Yes, the double size blanket is meant for a double size. The electric blanket is not meant to cover the entire bed though. It measures 120 x 135cm, picture number 6 on the listing shows you how it should look be fitted.

Q8 Can this be used on an air bed at all?

No, the blanket needs to be flat when in use.

Q9 Does this have adjustable straps please?

Comes with long support ties (thick strings) that go right around the mattress, so you can tighten / adjust as need.

Q10 Can you tell me how long the cable is from the blanket to the control unit please?

46 cm from blanket to the control unit. Total length from blanket to 3 pin plug is 2 meters and 10 cm.


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