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Cost Less To Run Than Gas Central Heating

Due to improvements and upgrades to electric blanket design and engineering, they are more efficient than they ever have been in the past. The Bielay electric blankets provide heat where you need it most, at a fraction of the overall cost of your normal central heating bill. Due to their very nature and where they are used, they just need the right amount of energy to warm you and your bed up, not your whole room.

Natural Pain Relief

Heat is one of the most basic forms of pain relief, since the heat receptors in our body actually block the effect of chemical signals that indicate pain to your brain. This can help with an array of issues including soreness, aching muscles, stiffness and cramps.

Heat also helps increase circulation, which can help your body heal and recover from injuries or workouts. Not only could the pain relief aspects of a heated blanket help you fall asleep faster at night, but they will also help you feel better during the day.

Prevents the spread of dust mites

Beds are the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. Why, you ask? Dust mites love moisture, and your sweat together with your dead skin cells and the natural moisture in the air make your bed a very attractive place for dust mites.

According to electric blanket institute's research, electric blankets reduce the number of mites by 50%. So, if you’re a person who suffers from allergies, getting an electric blanket helps control reduce the dust mites on your bed.

They Can Signal To Your Body That It’s Time for Sleep

Your circadian rhythm can get disrupted if your temperature fluctuates a lot throughout the night when you are lying in bed which can make it harder for you to get to sleep. This may also be the reason why you wake up much earlier than you should.

With an electric blanket in use, you can keep yourself at a consistent and comfortable temperature for the whole night, create a better and healthier sleeping pattern.

Improves Your Mood

In order to stay warm, your body needs to use lots of energy. This can leave you feeling stressed and anxious if a lot of your body’s energy supplies are used to keep your body temperature at a consistent level.

With the use of an electric blanket though, you can reduce the amount of energy your body needs to use to provide it with warmth, which in turn sends signals to your braining letting it know you feel content and satisfied which in turn helps you to feel more relaxed and much happier.

Therefore, along with electric blankets, hot steaming cups of hot chocolate and hot baths are remedies to improving your mood on those cold wintry nights.